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Historically Binghampton has played an important role in the Basketball culture that Memphis is known for. We are out to change that and add soccer to the 901 Culture.



Memphis is a basketball town. 

Throughout the city you can see a hoop or a neighborhood pickup game underway daily. It is no coincidence Memphis is known for it’s basketball players.

But now, it is our time to make an impact in the soccer culture of the 901.

The Lester Community Center and recently redeveloped "Hamp" field in Binghampton provides the perfect space to accommodate the number of kids that continue to show up for PST Clinics.

Once a week a group of volunteers coaches and soccer fanatics host kids from the neighborhood from 5pm - 6:30pm inside or out depending on the weather for an evening of Soccer & Futsal!

The mission of this project is to introduce the game of soccer and allow players to discover at their own pace the beauty of the sport.

This is NOT a training program for players to be placed on TEAMS. This is the ground work PRIOR to that!

Registration is not required, just show up and be ready to play. 


The Hamp

This wide open field on Tillman Rd. is well maintained by our partner Memphis Gridiron Ministries and serves as the home base for our Binghampton Outreach program. It's a safe place to run, play and learn.

If weather forces us inside, PST Binghampton takes place up the street at the Lester Community Center. 


dinner on us

All the running and spent energy makes for hungry kids, and volunteers. Dinner is available to all participants after the session. We serve a variety of kid-friendly meals from local restaurants who are happy to help us out.