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Pick-up Games Open Events, known as “Showdown” are randomly scheduled around the city where adults can experience 2 hours of open play in an unusual places. Ex. By The River, Shelby Farms, etc. . .

This is a great opportunity to establish a Soccer Culture in the 901 and Connect with people alike while making an impact in the community!

If you would like to host an event in your store front or plaza, shoot us a message!

Stay tuned for upcoming events!


Each area of town is assigned an ambassador who will oversee the pick-up games and make everyone is where they are supposed to.

The ambassador is also the contact person for the group in case of any last minute changes/need of information. To be an ambassador, please contact us.



The game of Futsal is everything a child needs in order to fall in love with such a complex and long game as soccer.

Across the world, Futsal is the first thing players have access to when they first begin to walk! Children play until dawn and are constantly in trouble for playing in certain areas of the house!

Futsal allows players to have close control of the ball at all times and therefore maximize their touches. Players become more confident on the ball and outside of the court - this is why most talented futsal players are VERY confident on the pitch and most of them have a very unique style, eg. Neymar, Firmino, Ronaldinho, etc…

Playing Futsal or Street Soccer, also allows a player to play in every positions on the court, allowing players to make cognitive decisions that not only helps in the game but also ignites brain development.