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The idea behind the project came after trying to implement a soccer training program into a community absent from the soccer culture we are part of.

It is hard to motivate a child to attend and commit to something that even the parents are not part of it. Telling a parent to buy a part of cleats (some don’t know what that means), shinguards, etc. . . is just another reason to keep the game even farther from one’s home.

We serve as a platform for youth and adult soccer.

Wether you want to play organized soccer with your friends, participate in adult pick-up game or street soccer, we have something for you!


If we want our kids to

  • Participate and Stay in Soccer

  • Stay Active

  • Have Access To “Competitive” Teams

  • Dream of Becoming The Next Soccer Star


It starts with having a Soccer Culture!

It is time to prepare the “soil” of the youth in order to plant the seed of soccer.